February 18, 2010

THE 40th BIRTHDAY - Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Great London

Morning was as usual in London. Some might think it’s moisture or foggy. No way Jose! I haven’t had better winters than the London ones ever in my life. And people here are very worry: if there is a centimeter of snow they immediately close that main airport; Maybe they know what they know?!

The sunshines followed us out to the Holland Park and where the English dig every other week: to change the grass, or the paddles… or just for the sake of having a beautiful city: That’s where every other mid-afternoon, Miruna takes her crap; Lately big piles of shit resembling human excrements. She’s eating a lot: actually at her 10 years old she’s eating as much as you give her, and we are trying to keep her alive for more, but we love her like our own sibling.

Well the day suddenly turned up side down as a disco night in the 80’s; as you were a rocker and end up in that joint; hate the music, but love the booze: then end up dancing Latino: La vida loca, etc… with a blonde cheek, who ever was she? That dance would stay on for months in your mind, actually, as long as the summer lasted… then back to black and white.

Holland Park was as we know it… a back alley that takes you to a summer theatre which is open only in the summers. That’s where Miruna takes her crap. We provide plastic bags ‘cause the fine is 500 pounds for those who let their dog crap on the street and don’t clean after.

17th of February, but the light was warm… we felt so good that we decided to take the dog back home and set for a longer walk. Miruna liked mid-day walks as well, but because she got blind and old… she takes her walks shorter these days.

High Street Kensington was full of people; like any other day actually. We walk fast to the bank to see if we could’ve afforded my special day. We could. Although in the middle of the world economic crisis, we could manage that for ourselves. And that was our best decision: By ourselves. Well, at least that afternoon.

Kensington can offer much of anything. Anybody who lived in London knows that. There might be Portobello for tourists, Piccadilly and lot’s of malls, but…. Kensington High Street offers all without you needing to get anywhere farther…

If going anywhere else in London, and then come back to Kensington… your heart slows down. For us, because we are home, for any other, because it is the most secure place in London; so secure in fact, that sometimes might even scare you. It is a wonderful red brick world peppered with a few brits left overs and lots of better-paid emigrants amongst whom cops with machine guns to their chests keep mingle in. Wonderful democracy. We like it there, because is secured. And if you keep blank, don't bother anyone and look at the terraces… one could go a long way if one could afford it.

Sad, isn’t it… Well!

To be Continued…

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