A corrupt young man somehow keeps his guilt clear but a computer program built from his energy scan gradually reveals his inner ugliness to all.


By the year 2020, after the XXI's Century crises and the terrible Great Third War, also known as the Religions War, Earth become the perfect balanced place everybody dreamt about since the beginning of our modern civilization. 

During the war, a giant web of aero-cities has been constructed in the planet’s atmosphere to take the wealthy elite. "The Colonies' were built as huge cities all linked, to a central capital which serves as the main power plant to earth and in its greatness it is a metal copy of all old great cities known on earth.

100 years later it degenerated into a lawless hell, as the end of the war changed The Colonie’s purpose and the new order imposed new rules for society and decided to use the stations as the deporting place for the outlaws. To this day, they still deport every individual who breaks their peace or their strict rules.

Sky-City became a state of its own, existing by its own rules.  The Colonies are ruled by a high class of self-proclaimed corrupt aristocrats who maintained their wealth with the only output the place can provide: human organs.

When DAN GRAY first arrives from Earth, he is fleeing a personal tragedy.  His youth and innocence attracts the attention of BASIL, a computer scientist who copies his perfect clean memories and feelings touched by real nature, that is not to be found amongst the locals, onto a disk, to create a program for helping to rehabilitate the Colonies' criminals. Basil gives the prototype to Dan as a gift. 

Dan is a police commissioner and soon comes into contact with the city’s legal trade in body organs.  He is warned not to interfere since the trade is sanctioned by the state and run by its governor, HARRY WOTTON, to whom he is soon introduced. Harry takes a lustful interest in Dan who in return, struck by memories, falls in love with SYBIL VANE, a girl from the underclass.  Sybil gets pregnant and at her mother’s advice she hides the fact from Dan. As she gives birth to a baby girl, Dan suspects her of having an affair and he is furious.  His fury leads to an accident and she is killed. Dan’s mind flips altogether and he offers his full services to Harry’s vile trade, but not before asking God in grief, to help him in his strength of fighting his own guilt. 

Years have passed and Dan became the Chief of Security in charge of the trade, renounced for his brutality.  Ten years later his power and fearful presence have created a mystique about him.  Furthermore, his dissipated lifestyle of drugs, women, and murder has not aged or bitter his conscience.  He looks as fresh as when he first arrived.  However, the computer program, of which he now holds the only copy, has changed.  Dan’s virtual image is a hideous monster, having taken all the guilt that Dan long since abnegated. Dan is not unaware of his lack of emotion.  Memories of Sybil and Anne haunt him, and he hates himself for being unable to return the affection of a new woman who adores him. 

Meanwhile rebellion is brewing amongst the underclass.  Dan gets wind of it and organizes an attack on their underground headquarters. During the fierce gun battle, Dan finds and recognizes Sibyl’s blind old mother.  He studies her, as if seeking redemption, but she is killed right after she gets to tell him about his daughter, Anne.  The underclass are beaten and rounded up en mass.  What’s left of the impoverished families is herded up to the transplant clinics.  Here Dan spots the ten-year-old girl who reminds him of Sybil.  The thought of this innocent being his daughter, now set to be strapped to a chair and being cut open and forced to deliver her organs, causes him to let her go. 

It is New Year’s Eve and he goes to Harry’s party to resign his post.  Harry refuses to take him seriously and Dan rushes out.  Meanwhile Dan’s alter ego has grown to such strength it has infiltrated all the city's electronic control system.  Realizing Dan is about to delete it,  but at only his thought, the monster takes self-action and blows up Harry’s house.  However, Dan escapes unharmed.  

He arrives at his apartment to discover the image has actualized into a huge electronic monster, who, knowing his thoughts now, already took all the action against his will. As a last punishment for the whole society of the Colonies it stopped the rain, which was cooling the place. Inhabitants are desperate as they are burning, being fried in the metal cities closer to the sun. Daniel tries to escape, but the monster enters him.  In full view of the city, Dan becomes a Gargantua.  He inflates to such proportion that he finally disintegrates over the city.  As the city was on the brink of destruction with the monster going out of control, everything turns now back to normal as Dan dies. Rain begins to drop, and all the advertising holograms turn on, picturing the innocent face of Dan.

By Th. Halacu-Nicon


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