February 10, 2013


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In all the languages on earth ART is spelled the same. 

In any of the languages, ART means the same thing, therefore ART has no need for translation and as it's known, it may be the single truly universal word in the world. As a word, espresses a feeling, an action and the unknown.

If ART stands as the universal tool of expression to the all of us, that means we all have to click somewhere, somewhere behind our language barrier, our political and social differences and we do, once communicating with ART we all understand the same thing. 


Through the struggle of our civilisation we developed ART not as a skill, but much as a medium which expresses human emotion, beauty, suffering, need and frustration: things which characterize us as human beings. Therefore the reson we all understand it to a great level, despite our cultural level.

The Ancient Greek society was built treasuring ART and its fall only came once politics got its tail in it. That's why all that’s left of the Greek civilisation,  nowadays, is its ART.

Romans built their civilisation mixing both, ART and politics, and what they got out of it is depravity and greed, then it all crashed, went wiped out off the face of the earth, until late in the pre-modern history when some blokes discovered their lost ART, not their politics, and suddenly they wised up and reshaped our modern society with some technology.


As a society we have to find new ways of interacting, for moving on and come out of our modern dark age in order to perpetuate our specie. 

Renaissance, Pop and Abstract were just steps in history, Modern Art is not a form of art, as it cannot be Modern forever, we have to find the next current.

Our society has not yet gotten rid of kitsch, yet it transformed it, accepted it and evolved it, instead of moving it out of the equation.  

We built tools to help us communicate and call it technology. Yet Steve Job’s contribution to the computers world was calligraphy, which is a form of ART

There could have never been an invention in this world without the need of ergonomics and the hand of a skilful artist who took advantage of form, colour and beauty to shape that thing into an image that got stocked into your dictionary. 

Some say that there would have never been a war in this world if politicians would have tried exchanging money for ART instead of investing in weapons. (innocence? naivety? Dumbness?)  

 ART is the most prized value in the world. It is more expensive than gold and any currency that man has ever known or used. An ART piece can value as much as its market wants. In years, even more.  

ART in its pure form is incorruptible and it stand as the best example for equilibrium for any individual in the old and the modern society. 


ART at its pick can lead to madness and some of the best artists in history were known to have psychiatric problems, but nevertheless, we prize their  ART to highest levels, because we all know geniuses are mad.

A true artist is not the best judge of social structures, he never thinks of material profit what ever his condition: Examples are many in the history of arts, as starving geniuses worked for only one reason; reaching spirituality though ART.

Humans learn their siblings to appreciate ART but do not encourage them to take that path, claiming the poor existence of an artists should be a lesson.

They are ignoring the fact that through time, this is the repercussion: as it is with their ignorance to ART's essentials they blocked ART out of their system, out of this society's system and then, they came to the decision to ignore ART totally and built the material system which enslaves us all.

Humans, despite their sensibility, all appreciate ART to a level or other, no matter of their level of culture. Somewhere there is a . (point). All our civilisation bends in front of a Mona Lisa, no matter their race, religion or color.


Some say technology only made society even more ignorant. And it did, to a level. 

Now, people should know that they are all entitled to ART because is in their genes and it defines their existence. They should respect it and praize it. Modern humans instead, were thought to think at it as to any thik else in this society, as to a commercial thing, therefore one should turn on his TV set as he is entitled to see a program - because he pays cable - no matter how long that program took to get made, no matter how many brains were involved, no matter how much it costed, after all, that’s why they invented the TV: to have things to see on and everyone was payed to make that program. Crossing so many personality disorders ART siezes to exist and the modern human has made a habbit from watching everyday, crap. 

Some still consider painting as the true form of ART ignoring the fact that not manufacturing is the strong asset of a true artist, but the IDEA.  

The change towards a technocratic society came with the socialist doctrine of “Work sets a man free” where they thought quantity is more important than quality. ART prevailed what ever the medium or the tool.

During the modern times the artistic attitudes, although socialist orientated, freed half of the world of the early socialism and brought society closer into unions. Democracy triumphed as ART pervailed. 

Now democracy brought prosperous times and some less educated built the commercial market for ART, they resume themselves to ordering, giving opinions and paying for it: And then again ART prevailed.

In fact, no piece of form would exist if there wouldn’t be an artistic IDEA in the first place, as we all know that a computer its still not be able to think and even if it did, it lack soul.



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