February 18, 2010

THE 40th BIRTHDAY - Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Great London

Morning was as usual in London. Some might think it’s moisture or foggy. No way Jose! I haven’t had better winters than the London ones ever in my life. And people here are very worry: if there is a centimeter of snow they immediately close that main airport; Maybe they know what they know?!

The sunshines followed us out to the Holland Park and where the English dig every other week: to change the grass, or the paddles… or just for the sake of having a beautiful city: That’s where every other mid-afternoon, Miruna takes her crap; Lately big piles of shit resembling human excrements. She’s eating a lot: actually at her 10 years old she’s eating as much as you give her, and we are trying to keep her alive for more, but we love her like our own sibling.

Well the day suddenly turned up side down as a disco night in the 80’s; as you were a rocker and end up in that joint; hate the music, but love the booze: then end up dancing Latino: La vida loca, etc… with a blonde cheek, who ever was she? That dance would stay on for months in your mind, actually, as long as the summer lasted… then back to black and white.

Holland Park was as we know it… a back alley that takes you to a summer theatre which is open only in the summers. That’s where Miruna takes her crap. We provide plastic bags ‘cause the fine is 500 pounds for those who let their dog crap on the street and don’t clean after.

17th of February, but the light was warm… we felt so good that we decided to take the dog back home and set for a longer walk. Miruna liked mid-day walks as well, but because she got blind and old… she takes her walks shorter these days.

High Street Kensington was full of people; like any other day actually. We walk fast to the bank to see if we could’ve afforded my special day. We could. Although in the middle of the world economic crisis, we could manage that for ourselves. And that was our best decision: By ourselves. Well, at least that afternoon.

Kensington can offer much of anything. Anybody who lived in London knows that. There might be Portobello for tourists, Piccadilly and lot’s of malls, but…. Kensington High Street offers all without you needing to get anywhere farther…

If going anywhere else in London, and then come back to Kensington… your heart slows down. For us, because we are home, for any other, because it is the most secure place in London; so secure in fact, that sometimes might even scare you. It is a wonderful red brick world peppered with a few brits left overs and lots of better-paid emigrants amongst whom cops with machine guns to their chests keep mingle in. Wonderful democracy. We like it there, because is secured. And if you keep blank, don't bother anyone and look at the terraces… one could go a long way if one could afford it.

Sad, isn’t it… Well!

To be Continued…

THE 40th BIRTHDAY - Chapter 2

Chapter 2: The hurly-durdy mind of an early morning man.

She loves waking up next to me. She doesn’t take the dog’s pee as for a dog’s pee. She looks straight into my eyes and I get the whole holiday thing.

I lay there imagining Me driving like nuts on the German Highway and my girl next to me, reading some cheap magazine and sending me the idea that she is not scared: Actually she’s not, although I like thinking that she might be… She’s done that road thousand of times before me and for as many times as I mentioned, with me. Well the music was different, but then so was she.

I was different too, if that’s the matter: I was there, where: calling “gorgeous” any girl I would meet on; My friends girlfriends, my cousins… just to make them feel good, after all, what did it matter? I didn't know what gorgeous means, and I thought: If they had a heart, it could’ve been sweetened or broken. I was best, all my life at doing that. Breaking hearts was my thing: I would break every women heart as long as I was not finding my happiness. Where did that thing I knew nothing about stood in my conscience? Don’t ask me!

Got to be a dreamer, all my life. Once again, don’t ask me if that's okay! I have no clue about it either! Got to put on dreams like… business, commercial and lots of moneymaking mixed with art deals.

Actually that’s all I tried to do all my life: See how you can cheat the money guys to put some art into it: Got my dream going… got my story out. What do I want from what I do? God knows…. Great projects?! Chopin’s works heard by Van Gogh? Like, what If…. real fantasy is made of…. dreams...(It works there, where time does not count).

We got dressed up nicely, as for a special day. Not much more than what we are wearing every other day, but… nicely.

I did that because I decided as for lunch I was to take my girl out on this special day. Narcisa did it for she was, now in her every day glamour, but she felt she needed to take it a notch up and mark it down with a nice pair of flowery - knocks-on’s. That cheer up our day… just by walking out of the house: They were flowery.

And THERE - our day properly began.

To be Continued….  That's a nice sound for it!

THE 40th BIRTHDAY - Chapter 1


Chapter 1: The waking up.

Well the 40th birthday, as many like to believe, is one of the best days in one's life: I awoke up early: 8:30… Sunny day in London, partly clouded but that is what makes London light being so special. Wet; on the face, as Miruna, our poodle was licking my short grown beard trying to wake me up, all for her own interest: to take her out for a pee.

Nothing new… She does that almost every morning when my fiancé does not take her out, before she goes to work, or if she simply didn't feel like going out.

I don’t know how it worked out, but last night I had a night full of dreams. I’ve seen my uncle, his dead brother (who was not sick anymore and was moving furniture in his room, trying to fill it up and choke  some imaginary mice); sorry for taking you away, but all that stands for the introduction; I’ve seen my dead mother who wanted the best for me, I saw a dog licking his balls and being good to me, (they say that means good friends, if in your dreams)… 

As I awoke, I turned my slicked eyes and once I got to open them, there was the girl I love; right in front of my eyes. She told me the day before she’d take a day off. Well, if you are a fat ass in love with ice cream?: that’s what it felt like!

I have long now to see her next to me in bed in the mornings. We do that during summer vacations, drive the whole of Europe and sleep in highway motels, wake up every morning and look each other in the eyes with love….   Then drive further and spend another month or two doing the same thing, over and over, … with love, then as the summer is over we get back to work, to serious things, but any other chance we have, we get together and do the same thing.
Two years ago we got ourselves a flat, by the sea side in our home town: Constantza: That’s where we spend the free months, then drive back to London and have a nice life, still loving each other and both waiting for the summer holiday to come again next year. Now my birthday is in February so we kissed in the basement bedroom of the London Flat, on Abingdon Road, a corner away from Waterstone's on Kensington High street.

Well she was there, next to me. The beautiful sun shines pervading through the thick sky clouds, as they cast shadows over the dark bitter cherry colored sheets covering her body.

It was early in the morning, we kissed as I was wished Happy Birthday before anyone else in this world, and we rose to take Miruna out for a pee….

All that took about 10 minutes.  Our bones froze, and as Miruna has the same metabolism we do, the three of us came back ready to spent one of the best days in my life...

To Be Continued…. 


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