February 18, 2010

THE 40th BIRTHDAY - Chapter 1


Chapter 1: The waking up.

Well the 40th birthday, as many like to believe, is one of the best days in one's life: I awoke up early: 8:30… Sunny day in London, partly clouded but that is what makes London light being so special. Wet; on the face, as Miruna, our poodle was licking my short grown beard trying to wake me up, all for her own interest: to take her out for a pee.

Nothing new… She does that almost every morning when my fiancé does not take her out, before she goes to work, or if she simply didn't feel like going out.

I don’t know how it worked out, but last night I had a night full of dreams. I’ve seen my uncle, his dead brother (who was not sick anymore and was moving furniture in his room, trying to fill it up and choke  some imaginary mice); sorry for taking you away, but all that stands for the introduction; I’ve seen my dead mother who wanted the best for me, I saw a dog licking his balls and being good to me, (they say that means good friends, if in your dreams)… 

As I awoke, I turned my slicked eyes and once I got to open them, there was the girl I love; right in front of my eyes. She told me the day before she’d take a day off. Well, if you are a fat ass in love with ice cream?: that’s what it felt like!

I have long now to see her next to me in bed in the mornings. We do that during summer vacations, drive the whole of Europe and sleep in highway motels, wake up every morning and look each other in the eyes with love….   Then drive further and spend another month or two doing the same thing, over and over, … with love, then as the summer is over we get back to work, to serious things, but any other chance we have, we get together and do the same thing.
Two years ago we got ourselves a flat, by the sea side in our home town: Constantza: That’s where we spend the free months, then drive back to London and have a nice life, still loving each other and both waiting for the summer holiday to come again next year. Now my birthday is in February so we kissed in the basement bedroom of the London Flat, on Abingdon Road, a corner away from Waterstone's on Kensington High street.

Well she was there, next to me. The beautiful sun shines pervading through the thick sky clouds, as they cast shadows over the dark bitter cherry colored sheets covering her body.

It was early in the morning, we kissed as I was wished Happy Birthday before anyone else in this world, and we rose to take Miruna out for a pee….

All that took about 10 minutes.  Our bones froze, and as Miruna has the same metabolism we do, the three of us came back ready to spent one of the best days in my life...

To Be Continued…. 

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