January 30, 2017

The Cursed


The Production Companies:        
BlackSeaLion Films and Flash Media Productions merged to produce a new action/ drama short film.

THE CURSED is an original short film set in Eastern European Romania, about corruption, politics and human nature.


During turmoil times before elections for Presidency of Romania, Adrian a young prosecutor tries to uncover the disappearance of his father Ion Cozma, a Senator in the party of opposition who vanished after he unveiled the act of corruption which helped bring the President and his twin brother to power. 

As the corpses of both the Senator and his Driver are found in a cement factory's lime pit belonging to the President’s twin brother, Adrian hopes he will get justice.

Once his involvement into the investigation is refused due to his kinship with the victim, Adrian tries to unveil the true story by sending a blog to the media, but he is silenced in the same manner as the all the witness.


THE CURSED presents an ensemble cast of top romanian actors picked up from each generation.

Adrian Cozma – Tudor Chirilă

Gelu/ Nelu Georgescu – Alexandru Repan

Prosecutor Marin Gherea – Virgil Andriescu

Senator Ioan Cozma – Ion Roxin

Agent X – Radu Amzulescu

Agent NG – Marius Capotă

with Corneliu Ciupercescu Daniel Stanciu Iulia Bartoș Florin Kevorkian Letiția Badea Florin Penișora Mihaela Rădescu and guest stars Dan Diaconescu and Gabriel Fătu


Executive Producers: Nikolas Pelendrides Florin Kevorkian
Producers: Andrei Rusu Nicolae Bojiță Th. Halacu-Nicon Written, Directed & Edited: THN Cinematography THN & Cristi Ghigiu (Biggie) Steadycam: Alexandru Durac Focus Puller Cam A: Constantin Nica Focus Puller Cam B: Ștefan Muscă Popescu Gaffer: Alexandru Cozma Key Grip: Mihai Grecu Sound Mixer: Radu Nicolae Boom Operator: Dan Blănaru Costumes: Nicole Cârnu Make-up: Ioana Angelescu Visual Effects: Ștefan Muscă Popescu Still Photographer Alex Moise Photo Poster/ Promo Photo Andrei Rusu/ THN
Production Manager/ Associate Producer Luigi Enciu


Theodor Halacu-Nicon                                                                  
Director/ Producer                                                                    

Andrei Rusu


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"Depravity of modern society is the direct effect of an uncontrolled democracy."


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