A few years back I wrote a letter to a friend I haven’t seen to for a very long time.  She hold dear many paintings of mine from the period I was exhibiting paintings. I thought of reaching her and think I should do it in a way she will recognise I haven't change much, because I didn't, or so I think. And yes, I wrote a letter, print it on a good quality paper, sign it with a fountain pen and send it by post. 

As she wrote me back she told me that it touched her, merely the content, but more the gesture. I knew she will appreciate it. Somewhere there she was asking: "How are you as an artist, these days?"

Therefore I decided to write back:

"I really don’t know!  Life’s been complicated, later, as it seems to have been to all. To me not more or less.  Slowing down?  No.  I keep going and get into bumps as usually.  Although with not much commercial success, I work myself to hell and back and then think, "Am I on a good path to getting where I set up to go as an artist?"

"For complementing my need to take painting further, I picked up photography. That makes  me happy, for beyond its artistic challenges, dealing with images while mingling with a camera, it's fun. It's like using lenses for brushes and T-stops for shadows and time shrinks as I try to find a snap shot to create the most perfect work of art without getting messed up in paints and all that. If you want, each time I press the camera shutter, I feel like I got the perfect painting, and that is very satisfying, although not each time is true. It enriches my senses. I guess like that feeling, because as you know, I was always a lazy painter."

PORTRAITS (A Study of Character)

"I'm only afraid I might one day grow bored of it too. You know why?  Photography is like a quick act of love, it satisfies one but only for a short while. It's like a love act which lacks the prelude.  Painting is more like a day in bed with the loved one and as the sun sets and hits the magic hour, it elevates to the extraordinary, to the act of love, leaving you exhausted, but damn good fulfilled."   

“Excerpt from the 02/11/2011, letter to Victoria Couvas, Cyprus”

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